Dennis Edwards

Mornings - 6 to 10 AM

Dennis hails from the Detroit area and has been on the radio in Lansing and Grand Rapids since 1991. He is a graduate of MSU (Go Green!). Dennis has been married to Robbie since 1994 and they homeschool their 3 kids. He enjoys MSU sports, camping, ice hockey, classic movies, computers and teaching.

Rob Dale

Rob Dale


Rob is married and has four daughters. He is orginally moved to the Lansing area from Toledo to work as the meteorologist for WLNS TV-6. He is also a software developer, his software is used by the National Weather Service. Rob is also a Ham Radio Operator (N8GSK). He has been chasing thunderstorms for over 15 years and during quiet weather can be found playing softball and cheering for the Yankees...

Vivian Nitecki

Vivian Nitecki

Morning News

Vivian has delivered the news in Great Lakes Region for 18 years now, both in television and radio. Besides being a journalist, she is married to Mark and is also mom to two children. Vivian grew up in Indiana.

Ed Czelada

Ed C

Programming & Engineering

Ed has been in radio full time for more than 25 years.  He got started in electronics when he was in 5th grade (Urban legend has it, that he had a Fisher Price soldering iron) when he "all band" transmitter out of a book in the middle school library. It transmitted on AM, FM, TV all at the same time! Oops!

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